Value Our Client’s Needs

Over the recent months it has come to our knowledge that there are a number of outlets falsely introducing their businesses as authorised SALEHABAGAS suppliers.

In addition, there are also individuals who have manufactured designs that are protected by the copyright law act 1988,
and we at SALEHABAGAS will have no hesitation to force legal proceedings in the best interests of our clients.

At SALEHABAGAS we value our clients and their daily needs in the fashion industry and therefore only offer what they deserve. Each and every fabric are sought out personally and selected for your every occasion and with the exceptional imaginative designs, the calibre in the producing and the high expectations in the finishing,
this is what keeps us head above the replica designs.

Dedication & Peerless Designs

We are fully committed to continue the process in designing our own labels and we place the trust in the creative ability to ensure SALEHABAGAS reaches the hearts of its clients. We at no point purchase our designs from any third parties,
nor do we produce our garments outside the UK.

The full process of designing & manufacturing has its own unique procedure and we are highly proud of our principles and morals when it comes to replicating other fashion designers hard work.

Working Together With Our Partners

We can only guarantee the authenticity of products purchased through our authorised SALEHABAGAS retailers.
Please visit our website for details of our authorised stockists:
Authorised Stockists

Due to the high application in demand for stockists wishing to become an authorised retailer for SALEHABAGAS,
our ever growing partners increases frequently and if you require information & details of a local stockist to you,
please contact us on: