Bespoke Bridal Service

Step 1 – The Consultation

You are invited to a consultation with Saleha which will focus on your specific requirements including silhouettes, shape, style, colour and fabrics. Following the consultation if you decide to work with Saleha she will develop a range of designs to fit your specifications and provide a personalised quote.

Step 2 – The Design and Selection

Following the consultation Saleha will meet with you to select a final design and fabric, allowing you to be part of the design process. Saleha will take your measurements ready to start making your dress.

Step 3 – The Toile Fitting

Your design will be made up as a calico toile for you to try on. Saleha will fit the mock up gown and make any alterations or minor changes necessary before making the dress in the final fabric. This will ensure your dress will fit you perfectly.

Step 4 – The Fittings

The final fabric will be cut and your dress will begin to take shape. To ensure a perfect fit and to finalise finishing touches several fittings will take place ensuring you remain involved in the couture making process.

Step 5 – The Collection

Following the final fitting of your finished handmade gown you can take it home and wear it with pride on your special day.