Hello / Aslaam alaikum,

Welcome to my website,

I am a young designer based in the UK.

I studied at The Fashion Institute Of University Of Central Lancashire and graduated in 2013. Recently graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in Fashion Design Sandwich (BA hons), university studies twinned with industrial placement have instilled the fundamentals in research, colour and trend analysis, design development, portfolio presentation, pattern cutting and garment manufacture, enabling me to build comprehensive ranges both for catwalk and the high street.

Each day, we put on clothes that do more than just cover up bodies. We choose clothes that represent our personalities, our moods, the times we live in, our ambitions and our desires. Who are the people behind the designs we wear every day?

My designs are created to compliment the diverse lifestyles of the women of today that seek to implement modesty into their dress code regardless of faith, without having to worry about layering and altering a design to fit their requirements.

My inspiration: I try not to let other designers influence my work, but you have to always be aware what is going on in the industry to then ignore it and predict the next coming season. I look through old copies of Vogue, Face and i-D for inspiration alongside current art exhibitions to predict trends, i also often visit art galleries and exhibitions on fashion/textiles as a hobby and for inspiration for my collections. There isn’t much left that hasn’t already been done so if something hasn’t been round for a good 10 years it’ll be sure to be in next season’s catwalk.

As for creating different shapes and silhouette I prefer to work on the stand, moulaging pieces of a vintage pattern, creating different shapes that would be difficult to create with flat pattern, this helped to free things up and design with no intentions. I took forward the most successful shape and worked on top of that with a flat pattern expanding the shape further, adding details and refining the shape. Designing doesn’t come from ideas out of the blue, its inspiration you get from anything than holding the vision and trusting the process.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my collections.


My vision was defined early on to create a must have brand combining the most up-to-date fashions with the
historical aspects and respectful nature of modest dressing.

Combining modesty, style, practicality and comfort, the collections at SalehaBagas perfectly balances the traditional with today,
through transitional pieces and a unique contemporary aesthetic.

Designed with the needs of the modern trends in mind, my concept is based on supporting your everyday lifestyle, helping you achieve a
refined work to weekend wardrobe that will leave you feeling effortless for every occasion.

My materials are sought out personally and selected for your every occasion, be it every day wear or an evening event. So far this vision has been
brought to life by establishing the brand with fantastic different styles in the modest world of clothing.

From a wide variety of colours to a multitude of fabrics and fits, my design ethos is based on creating to complement the diverse wardrobe needs of my customers.
Making altering and layering a thing of the past, our hassle-free modest clothing is made to suit every occasion, striking a graceful silhouette while embodying the ultimate elegance.
As an innovative company, I aim to fulfil my responsibility to deliver modesty through my unique and elegant designs.

I now hope to establish my brand further on a global stage and make my designs more internationally recognisable and available, giving women the
opportunity to dress modestly and elegantly in the latest trends.

My policy is to consistently strive to not only satisfy, but exceed my customer’s every expectation through carefully selected designs while
maintaining the highest of ethical standards.